Tutor training process
  • 01 Aug 2019
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Tutor training process

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When can tutors start their training?

Tutors are approved for training once their vetting process is completed.

What training do tutors receive from EtonX?

Our tutors are trained in 5 main areas:

  • Safeguarding
  • Pedagogy
  • Using the tutor site
  • Tools of the virtual classroom
  • Course content

There are 3 online face-to-face training sessions to complete about our pedagogy, using the tutor site and the tools of the virtual classroom. The first session also provides an introduction to safeguarding. Tutors also complete a safeguarding training module and work through all courses they are preparing to teach.

What support do tutors receive from EtonX?

We aim to support tutors throughout the vetting and training process as well as before and throughout courses.
During the vetting process we are happy to provide advice about DBS and police checks.

We want all our tutors to be experts in using our platform and virtual classroom, so we welcome all questions and queries and we provide extra practice sessions for tutors to practice using the virtual classroom as well.

We provide lesson plans and all the materials for all of our courses and classes and we are happy to assist with any questions and queries regarding course content.

Tutors can contact us any time by emailing tutors@etonx.com

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