Sign up to create an account
  • 03 Jul 2019
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Sign up to create an account

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When you sign up with EtonX, we will automatically create an EtonX account for you. If you are a parent/guardian, you will create an account on behalf of the student.

How do I sign up to create an account?

1. Click "Sign Up"
From the EtonX website, click the blue “Sign up” button.

2. Let us know who you are
Confirm whether you have an "Access Code", are a “Student”, “Parent/Guardian” or “Other”.

Sign up - account options

  • If you have already purchased a course through another company, click, "Sign up with Access Code".
  • If you are a student, click "Student" to create an account for yourself.
  • Click "Parent/Guardian", to browse our available courses and make a purchase on of behalf of a student.
  • Select “Other” if you are a school, company or institution.

3. Enter your details

Please make sure your email address is correct
Important information about your course will be sent here

If you are a student, you will need to enter your email, set a password, add your date of birth and select your country of residence. Click proceed when complete. Alternatively you can sign up with an existing Google or Microsoft account.

If you are parent or guardian you will be asked to fill in details on the student's name, gender, email, password and phone number. We will create an account for the student from which the course can be accessed.

If you selected “Other”, please fill in your details to get in contact with us

4. Explore our courses
Congratulations, you have now successfully created an account with EtonX and can explore the courses you are interested in. From here, you can purchase a course either for yourself, or on behalf of a student.


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